Training Servives:


One to One Training​

One to one training consists of in-home/outdoor training sessions either in person or via Zoom with the pawrents and their pup. 

The first session is an initial assessment to figure out your goals and to learn more about your best fur friend.  

After the assessment, a training outline will be prepared, and the sessions scheduled on a weekly basis. 


One Session: $100  Package of Three: $275                 Package of 5: $450

Puppy Training

Owning a puppy is an amazing experience. We all know it can be difficult at times, especially when it comes to the proper training techniques. We'll get your pup off on the right paw, with tips and tricks on different aspects of puppyhood like:

  • leash walking

  • basic commands

  • socialization with Pups and people

  • biting

  • Housetraining

And thats just to name a few! 

One Session: $100 Package of Three: $275                Package of 5: $450

Training Walks

This is designed for puppies and dogs to learn how to loose leash walk with ease. there are loads of distractions on the street, in the park and busy public areas. we work with puppies and reactive dogs to build confidence, focus and comfort so walking is then made easy.

One Session: $80 Package of Three: $225              Package of 5: $375

Training a Puppy with Snack
Puppy Chin Scratch
Training a Puppy