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    Kimberlee McGenerty - Owner & Operator

    An animal lover since a child, It was only natural that I would work in the industry. With that said, I pursued an education in Animal and wildlife biology, along with environmental science. After completing my education I moved to Alberta to work at the Calgary zoo. After deciding that I was more of a Torontonian, I came back to the city and worked in Vet clinics downtown. I gained a wealth of knowledge in dog and cat illness/disease, surgical procedures and working with aggressive dogs/cats in a force free manner. This experience, as well years of owning (sometimes multiple) dog breeds, gave me the understanding that all breeds are different, and not one dog is the same when it comes to personality traits. 

    Ive worked, and currently walk/train aggressive small and large dog breeds, rescues and puppies. I don’t focus on working with a specific kind of dog, as I enjoy a challenge and helping my clients dogs succeed with whatever issues/behaviour they need to over-come. I am a force free walker and trainer that believes in using a positive/force free approach when teaching and correcting dog behaviour. 


    I worked with EduCanine’s amazing trainers in-class, one on one and online to become a successful trainer. Here I worked with puppies and adults dogs of all breeds and sizes, aggressive, fearful and confident, to learn Force Free Foundation training. I figured out that I really love working with puppies and worked mainly in walking training, and basic to intermediate puppy class training. I also worked with aggressive and reactive dogs with on leash walking and greeting. 

    I am contracted through the organization Educainine, to train future dog walkers. Here, I show them the ins and outs of the trade, and provided helpful tips for bringing success to their career as a walker. 

    I was hired by the CityDogs to train puppies how to walk on leash. Here we start from the basics with your pup, to build on-leash techniques to train him/her to walk like a pro! 


    About Me

                     We walk our clients in their own neighbourhood because not every pup feels safe or assured in new environments. On their walk they will be able to sniff around, play and socialize with other furry friends if they like. You'll have peace of mind knowing your dog is out having fun, not sitting at home bored. We offer walks 5 days a week, morning, afternoon and evening.

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